• Studding Services

      Sin City Corso offers studding services of all of our sires and a list of available studs utilized in the past. Studding services consist of a standard upfront studding service fee ($2500 – $4500) paid to the Stud Owner after a 25 minute locking between contracted stud and dame. Upon the successful whelping of the litter, stud owner is entitled to “First Pick” of one male and/or female puppy from the litter prior to the sale of any puppies.

      Clients will board their own bitch, whelp their own puppies, and process the sale of said litter on their own terms. Sin City Corso will be entitled to the initial upfront studding service payment ($2500 – $4500) and the “First Pick” of one male/female puppy to either retain, sale, and/or assign to co-owner breeder program.

    • Sin City Corso Merchandise

      Sin City Corso (SSC) offers merchandise. Shirts, stickers, collars, custom made indoor and outdoor kennels, cups and mugs. Just email Sin City for available merchandise and pricing. Message me on instagram or email for inquiries.

      Cane Corso Consulting

  • Sin City Corso offers a variety of consulting services. Consulting services related to the purchase of a cane corso puppies, consulting service related to the finding of certain colors of puppies and/or certain champion blood lines. Additional consulting services consist of referrals to other reputable cane corso breeders nationally and internationally and mentoring services of future cane corso breeders, future clients, and current clients. Please contact Sin City Corso for prices and details.