Welcome to Sin City Corso / Sin City Cane Corso.

Sin City Corso / Sin City Cane Corso is a family owned business that is preeminently focused and dedicated to the Italian mastiff cane corso breed. Sin City Corso’s primary objective is the continuation of family tempered national and international champion blood line cane corso breed standards. Sin City Corso strives to produce the highest quality, healthy, breed standard cane corso puppies at an affordable yet attainable price for every family. Sin City Corso is an ICCF Registered kennel that has over 14 years of experience in training and solely breeding the Italian mastiff cane corso. Sin City Corso also provides additional cane corso services including studding services, cane corso/large breed training services, co-owner breeder programs/breeder programs, Sin City Corso merchandise, Sin City Corso custom kennel sales, and cane corso consulting and/or mentoring services. Sin City Corso’s main facility is located in beautiful sunny Las Vegas, NV. Every cane corso enthusiast is welcomed and encouraged to visit, interact, and meet the amazing cane corso adults that embody Sin City Corso/Sin City Cane Corso.

Sin City Coro has obtained the most decorated champion blood line sires and dames, not just nationally, but INTERNATIONALLY. Each and every corso at Sin City Corso has been hand selected from current standing certified AKC/ICCF national champions and from the most distinguished FCI international world champion blood line pedigrees. Through our initial detailed hand selection /review of each and every sire and dame’s eight degree pedigrees prior to purchase, helps to ensures that every puppy produced by Sin City Corso will contain exceptional amounts of registered champion blood lines throughout each puppies genetic history. Moreover, through Sin City Corso’s detailed review of only eight degree pedigrees prior to purchase, only ensures that every client will receive a healthy happy premium quality puppy that contains an abundance of registered champion blood lines throughout their family tree. Sin City Corso strives at producing the highest quality cane corso puppies that will continue to bear outstanding breed standards with family temperments.

Sin City Coro’s Owner / Operator fell in love with large breed dogs as a toddler, while assisting his parents who bred the Saint Bernard over many years. From 2004 to 2010, Sin City Corso’s owner solely bred the cane corso Italian mastiff under the ICCF registered kennel name, Las Vegas Cane Corso. In 2010, Sin City Corso’s owner began to focus on taking care of family and retired its stock from 2004.

(PrimoDiamond Blue Kennels/Pleasant Hills Kennel (Mena Arkansas), EnzoDiamond Blue Kennels/Pleasant Hills Kennel (Mena Arkansas), SissyLakoda Baker Kennel (Las Vegas), Mara (Las Vegas), Petra(Las Vegas)—— Rest in Peace)

In 2011, Sin City Coro’s Owner/Operator met the love of his life, married in Maui, and began to build a beautiful family of six (6).  Instantly, Sin City Corso Owner’s new spouse fell in love with the cane corso breed through interaction with Las Vegas Cane Corso’s retired stock.  Already having built a state of the art facility capable of handling multiple cane corso’s and with newly inspiration from the love of my life to continue to pursue my dreams and passion in breeding the cane corso Italian mastiff, Sin City Corso was created in 2015. With the continued encouragement and the support from my family, in 2015 Sin City Corso Kennel purchased its first two (2) female cane corso puppies. Due to the family environment that all of our dogs and puppies are born and raised in leads to ample interactions with multiple young children to instill each puppy with family oriented temperaments and values.

City of Henderson Breeder Permit number: A18-072578

State of NV business license number: NV20232707356

City Of Henderson Business License Number: 2023321686